craigslist killers

I know I still have my super awesome furniture to brag about and show you but I’m too lazy to take the freaking pictures so instead I’m going to introduce a fun little weekly series. I really should call it a series because those usually end and hopefully this will keep going.

So like everyone in this little furniture/thrifting obsessed world, it has come to my attention that Craigslist searching is fun. What? I know. A hobby. What I once hated has now become an everyday habit that honestly excites me. Now, I’m a beginner with a teeny-tiny budget so it’s really all about that perfect find at like zero dollars. (I kid. Free is good too.) Whateves.

Now there are some really amazing, killer pieces that I tend to run into that I just wish I could splurge on. I always choose not to because I’m so nervous that I’m going to fail and need to prove to myself that yes, I am actually good at this and yes, I can actually make money doing this.

One day friends, one day.

SO. I will start this little weekly thing that I just post some cool ass pieces that I wish I would just buy or am loving. Who knows, maybe it will be killer?


This awesome armoire was for sale for $300. I swear it’s cool.


There is SO MUCH that can be done with the dresser. I do not even know where to start. Imagine replacing that glass and LOOK AT THOSE DRAWERS on the left. The set was $2500 unbreakable. *tear*


Another armoire which currently are my weakness. Love the details and selling for $500.


This adorbs little table was only $200, which isn’t terrible but I just didn’t see enough profit coming out of it. I know, I’m silly.


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