The First Step

Friday night I was so excited for my 50+ garage sale adventure the next morning. I woke up at 6, drank some coffee and started preparing for what I could find. Apparently 50+ neighborhood garage sale actually meant 50+ houses all in one area that could choose to have a garage sale. So yeah. I went to about 8 garage sales in the neighborhood, which is still pretty nice except that 5 of them were people how sat our front with maybe 5 things they were trying to sell. What a let down. I bought a $1 dollar child’s bench that I’m going to redo and my boyfriend’s mom bought numerous little things. We ended up driving back through our usual route and found a few more garage sales and I snatched a $3 lamp that you will soon see and some flowers for decorating. Yes, I use fake flowers.

Sunday was much more exciting for me as I ventured out to Goodwill and a few thrift stores. At one, I got 2 end tables that I finished sanding today and at snatched these from Goodwill for a dollar a piece!


(Apologies on the horrible quality picture. I took this quickly off my iPad due to the fact that I could not find my camera charger. Of course.)

Here is a little sneak peek on my $9 end tables. 🙂



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