You want to what?

I’ve never considered myself a writer. I’ve read, skimmed and gazed at blogs of all different sorts, wishing I had thought of the idea sooner. I always told myself that people did. not. care. what I had to say, and you could only have a blog if you were funny and had a few degrees to back you up. Apparently I was wrong.

Not everyone is made to be a fabulous blogger, but it is those people who really just weren’t that interesting that pushed me to start my own. Maybe that’s mean but really? I know everyone has come across some blog somewhere and even though it didn’t look pretty, they were still at least trying.

I have a love for all things furniture related. I enjoy going out on the weekends and never knowing what I may find. I don’t have much experience¬†in refurbishing, refinishing and upholstery but I am going to learn damn it! After months of yearning and considering, I finally convince my boyfriend to let me start my own creative business and let it lead me where it may. I don’t know what exactly will come of this, but I am so excited and hope you enjoy my journey along the way!


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