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When Weather Permits

Monday was the first day I was able to work on my end tables and the day was cut short around 5 pm when a horrid storm came in. I looked forward to the next couple of days that I could come home from my day job and work on the after. I still can get 2-3 hours of day light when I get home and with lights all over in my garage, I can really work whenever. That did not happen. It rained through Wednesday, was sunny for a day and rained again. I guess I could have worked in the garage if my heart really desired, but I was nervous and wanted to have the outdoor space. Plus there were all sorts of things I needed to do with these end tables and it would smell horrid locked in the garage!

Friday was jam-packed with work then hanging out with boyfriend’s family and on Saturday I found a desk (finally) for $25 that took up my afternoon picking up. This little piece is going to be hard work – I’ll have to strip, sand and then figure out what I want to do with it. It’s my top priority right now since I don’t have a desk and my computer currently sits on a piano bench I got for $5 at a garage sale. So just imagine me sitting on the floor writing and scouring the internet only to have to take breaks every 6 minutes because my entire lower half goes numb.

Not fun.

I’m out to enjoy the beautiful day! Updates tomorrow and *hopefully* a completed project.

The First Step

Friday night I was so excited for my 50+ garage sale adventure the next morning. I woke up at 6, drank some coffee and started preparing for what I could find. Apparently 50+ neighborhood garage sale actually meant 50+ houses all in one area that could choose to have a garage sale. So yeah. I went to about 8 garage sales in the neighborhood, which is still pretty nice except that 5 of them were people how sat our front with maybe 5 things they were trying to sell. What a let down. I bought a $1 dollar child’s bench that I’m going to redo and my boyfriend’s mom bought numerous little things. We ended up driving back through our usual route and found a few more garage sales and I snatched a $3 lamp that you will soon see and some flowers for decorating. Yes, I use fake flowers.

Sunday was much more exciting for me as I ventured out to Goodwill and a few thrift stores. At one, I got 2 end tables that I finished sanding today and at snatched these from Goodwill for a dollar a piece!


(Apologies on the horrible quality picture. I took this quickly off my iPad due to the fact that I could not find my camera charger. Of course.)

Here is a little sneak peek on my $9 end tables. 🙂


Hang Tight!

I am super excited to get everything figured out and now understand how people blog for a full time job. I can already tell this is going to be a challenge, but I am Oh. So. Excited.

Sunday & Monday will be great days for me to get everything set up and hopefully functioning normal. Tomorrow I will attending a 50+ (!!) neighborhood garage sale. Yes, you read that right. I read the Craigslist posting like 80 times so I get it. I have to go to work at 10 so I better have my ready-pants on and search quickly.

Lots of picks next week of my hopefully superb findings. I will also be tackling my bedroom as my first huge project next week and I can already feel my creative genes flowing!

You want to what?

I’ve never considered myself a writer. I’ve read, skimmed and gazed at blogs of all different sorts, wishing I had thought of the idea sooner. I always told myself that people did. not. care. what I had to say, and you could only have a blog if you were funny and had a few degrees to back you up. Apparently I was wrong.

Not everyone is made to be a fabulous blogger, but it is those people who really just weren’t that interesting that pushed me to start my own. Maybe that’s mean but really? I know everyone has come across some blog somewhere and even though it didn’t look pretty, they were still at least trying.

I have a love for all things furniture related. I enjoy going out on the weekends and never knowing what I may find. I don’t have much experience in refurbishing, refinishing and upholstery but I am going to learn damn it! After months of yearning and considering, I finally convince my boyfriend to let me start my own creative business and let it lead me where it may. I don’t know what exactly will come of this, but I am so excited and hope you enjoy my journey along the way!